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Swiped from twentyfourbit.com:

"Imagine scrolling through your phoneís contact list and finding the poet laureate of rock himself under D for Dylan (or perhaps Z for Zimmerman). Thatís what itís like for Jack White, you see, as the Dead Weather/White Stripes/Raconteurs rocker told the Telegraph this week that he phoned his legendary friend for some advice recently:

I just asked him what songs we should do on this Wanda Jackson album, and he said a couple that were interesting. One of them was his song, Thunder on the Mountain. We tried it, and it was explosive!

As we previously reported, White and Jackson have already released a cover of Amy Winehouseís ďYou Know Iím No Good,Ē but the pair are also plotting a full-length album. Speaking to the Washington Post last month, Jackson revealed that not only had she not even heard of Winehouseís song before covering it, but she isnít very familiar with Whiteís various bands either:

Well, no I donít even know the names of them. Well, I know White Stripes. I have a CD of his with the White Stripes and Iím kind of listening to that. But thatís not what heís wanting from me, that kind of song. So I donít clutter up my mind too much with that.

Wonder if the Queen of Rockabilly has heard Dylanís suggested song (in which heís ďwondering where in the world Alicia Keys could beĒ). Either way, she nailed the Winehouse cover, so weíre not worried a bit."

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NME.com has reviewed the live album, Under Great White Northern Lights, and they sure hit the nail on the head with the below text:

"The duo's new DVD and live album makes you realise how much you miss them"

Here's the partial review:

"As (mostly) fun as The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather have been, boy does this little DVD/Live album package makes you miss The White Stripes something rotten. The beautifully shot doc follows the bandís 2007 Canadian tour, and itís a reminder that while Jack White may enjoy his less pressurised roles in his other bands, heís a shadow of the rock star thatís unleashed when itís just him and Meg. The first piece of concert footage is a thunderous version of first single ĎLetís Shake Handsí, and as Meg plays one-handed with Jack whirling wildly in front of her, it all comes flooding back: theyíre the most violent, sexiest live band of our times.

The melding of Led Zep rock glamour and the rough-and-ready spirit of the blues is, of course, at the heart of the band, and the film contrasts the full-colour theatre shows with black-and-white footage of them playing bizarre impromptu free gigs. All the best moments come from this stuff, as Jack and Meg play to passengers on a bus in Winnipeg, rock out on the back of a fishing boat on a river and do a gig in a bowling alley during which Jack pauses in the middle of one song to bowl a ball (he scores eight)."

There's more to this review. You can read it all right HERE.

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MTV.com has a piece about the White Stripes and the upcoming Under Great White Northern Lights DVD:

"In any other lifetime, Jack White would have been a woodblock printer, a pirate, a missionary, a wheelwright, a buckskin-clad frontiersman, a statesman, a Union soldier, a sharecropping bluesman, a cigar-chomping newsman, an oil baron, an electrical engineer or one of the Wright Brothers. He would have worked very hard for a very long time with very little recognition, would have died for duty and country, would have bested foes with guile and determination, and he would have done all of it simply because that's what you were supposed to.

Instead, he's trapped in this lousy century, where he's forced to toil away as one of the most enigmatic, misunderstood musicians on the planet. He spends an exorbitant amount of time on an extraordinary number of projects, usually working within a preconceived set of conditions, for reasons that are usually only apparent to him. He suffers the slings and arrows of his critics not because he wants to, but because he has to. It's just part of the job. After all, a wheelwright wouldn't complain, would he?"

Check out the entire article HERE.

Like free stuff? Colorado Daily is giving away the 208-page hardcover photo book that comes with the limited-edition box set of the band's new Under Great White Northern Lights live album and concert film.

For full details of the giveaway, click HERE.

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Well this should rid you of the dreaded Case of the Mondays! For those of you who have little to no patience and are eager to hear the White Stripes upcoming live album/DVD Under Great White Northern Lights, you can do so right now! NPR has an exclusive first listen of the entire live album. This will be available to stream up until the release on March 16th.

From NPR:

"Drawn from a bunch of different concerts, Under Great White Northern Lights re-creates the blustery, bottom-heavy rumble of being there. There's nothing sterile about these performances: They practically beg to be blasted, and why shouldn't they? Fortunately, you can hear them all on this page until the album's release on March 16."

Click HERE for the link to listen to the album in it's entirety.

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Grabbed this from 1UP.com:

"Harmonix has announced next week's slate of regular DLC for Rock Band. Coming up next Tuesday, March 9 on Xbox 360 and Wii (March 11 on PlayStation 3), fans will be able to download songs from The White Stripes, The James Gang, and a handful of others.

Individual tracks will go for the usual $1.99 (160 Microsoft points; 200 Wii Points) apiece, save for the two songs by Shaimus and Rush drummer Neil Peart's rendition of "The Hockey Theme," each of which will run you just 99 cents (80 Microsoft points; 100 Wii Points). Anyone who downloads all three White Stripes tracks on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 will also get a slight discount, as the band's DLC bundle is priced at $5.49 (440 Microsoft points).

The White Stripes tracks being released are:

* "Fell in Love with a Girl"
* "Seven Nation Army"
* "You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You're Told)"

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Ben Rayner from thestar.com has written up a very positive review of Under Great White Northern Lights:

"The White Stripes are, without exaggeration, one of the most feverishly intense and exciting live bands on the planet, so of course a concert film isn't going to do them complete justice.

Sometime video director Emmett Malloy's brisk, buoyant and often quite beautiful new documentary The White Stripes: Under Great White Northern Lights comes pretty damn close to putting you in the thick of the sweaty action that went down in such unlikely spots as Whitehorse, Yellowknife, Iqaluit and Glace Bay during Jack and Meg White's 2007 tour of Canada.

So unhinged and in-the-red are some of the performances caught on film here, in fact, that the crowd that took in the picture's world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival last September was applauding and noisily braying its approval as if it were taking in an actual show.

With the Stripes in limbo since Meg's anxiety problems prompted the cancellation of most of the tour that would have followed this Canadian jaunt that year, Under Great White Northern Lights is thus an easy sell to fans: This is all the music you're likely to get for awhile."

There's much more to this review, and you can find it all right here.

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They are really spreading these screenings around! Here are some more screenings to Under Great White Northern Lights:

"Please find a list of cinemas below where you can see The White Stripes Under Great White Northern Lights across the pond as well as one more in the Great White North:

March 8th
LONDON, ENGLAND - HMV Curzon Wimbledon @ 7pm

March 11th
DUBLIN, IRELAND - Irish Film Institute @ 7pm
MONTREAL, QUEBEC Ė Cinema Du Parc @ 9 pm

March 12th
BRIGHTON, ENGLAND - Duke Of Yorks Picturehouse @ 7pm

March 15th
LONDON, ENGLAND - Odeon Covent Garden @ 7pm
LONDON, ENGLAND - Rio Dalston @ 7pm
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - Odeon Braehead @ 7pm
MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - Odeon UCI Printworks @ 7pm
EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - Filmhouse @ 7pm

April 17th - 19th
CARDIFF, ENGLAND Chapter Arts @ 7pm"

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Just catching up with some older news. If you haven't heard, Jack put on the producer hat for his wife's debut album, due on Third Man Records in the summer. Here's an article from Spinner:

"The first time Jack White started rocking out with his spouse, he formed the White Stripes. Now, he's attempting to craft some new marital music with his wife of four years, supermodel Karen Elson. Watch her debut solo video below!

It's a live, acoustic version of the title track from The Ghost Who Walks, Elson's 12-song debut album produced by White and recorded at his Third Man Studios in Nashville, due for a summer release. In the video, Elson strums an acoustic guitar and belts out the somber ballad while niftily clad array band members stand idly in the shadows, perhaps hinting at what's to come on the other 11 songs.

The song -- which can be downloaded for free in exchange for a valid email address towards the bottom of her official website -- carries a hint of Van Lear Rose, the 2004 album White produced for country legend Loretta Lynn. Elson, who married White in 2005, exudes sophistication and a husky but captivatingly feminine croon.

While this marks her first solo effort, Elson's no stranger to singing: She recorded with Cat Power on a tribute to French songwriter Serge Gainsbourg and co-founded the Citizens Band, a loose collective of NYC performers that boasts Melissa Auf der Maur, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Shudder to Think's Craig Wedren as contributors."

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Here's a question and answer session with Jack White from thestar.com. Jack gives fans a scoop on recording with Meg again:

"Q: Is there a chance we might hear something else from the Stripes in the near future?

A: I think so, yeah. Meg was around a couple weeks ago while we were making the new Dead Weather record, just hanging out in the studio. I'm gonna go tour with Dead Weather for a couple of months. After that, I'm mixing and releasing Wanda Jackson's record. But after that, I should have time to work with Meg."

This is the part of the Q & A that appeals to most Stripes fans, but you will want to check out the rest of interview here.

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Want to host a screening of Under Great White Northern lights? Well, you can. Here's some exciting info from the Official Website:

"Sneak Peek Screenings of Under Great White Northern Lights Announced/Host your own screening!

On March 16th, audiences across the country will have the opportunity to host their own screenings of The White Stripes Under the Great White Northern Lights. Fans have the chance to "Be a Part of the Tour" by purchasing a special screening kit and by using a favorite room, a local hangout, or any other location of their choice they can bring the tour to their home town. For more information on being part of the tour go HERE.

Not able to host your own screening and want to see the film on the big screen? We are happy to announce the following sneak peek screenings for our friends in the US/Canada at a theater near you.

AMC Theaters is holding special midnight screenings of the film on March 11 at the following locations - Click HERE for a full listing of the locations."

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Came across a good review of Under Great White Northern Lights from Exclaim.ca and wanted to share:

"The White Stripes' Love Letter To Canada
By Jason Schneider

Jack White says it best in Under Great White Northern Lights, the new documentary of the White Stripes's 2007 Canadian tour, when he cites a review that called them simultaneously the most fake and the most real band in the world. That accurately sums up the tour as well, probably the most cunning way a band ever devised to turn an entire nation into devoted fans.

In meticulous fashion, the White Stripes performed in every province and territory that summer, along with surprise daytime appearances prior to each concert. These included playing in a bowling alley in Saskatoon, on a bus in Winnipeg, in a pool hall in Halifax, and on a boat in Charlottetown.

However, what director Emmett Malloy has captured with his cinema verite approach is about as intimate a glimpse of Jack and Meg White's unique relationship as we'll ever get. Clips of many of the surprise shows are naturally here, but the bulk of the footage is drawn from stops in the Far North and the Maritimes.

Although blazing renditions of the band's best-loved material provide the framework, within that we also get to see some rare aspects of our country through Jack and Meg's eyes. Particularly poignant is a meeting with Inuit elders in Iqaluit, and a full kilts & bagpipes cannon-firing ceremony on Citadel Hill in Halifax held in their honour. Jack had discovered his Scottish-via-Nova Scotia heritage just prior to the tour, and the film's climax is the band's 10th anniversary show at the Savoy Theatre in Glace Bay. But while Under Great White Northern Lights is essential viewing for any Canadian fan for the live footage alone, by the end it really becomes a love story. What the film ultimately shows is that, both musically and emotionally, the bond between Jack and Meg is about as real as it gets."

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