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Here's an interview of Jack conducted by Pedestrian.TV:

"You mention the power you feel in The Dead Weather's music, at what point does this become your main gig or how do you compartmentalize your time between different bands?

I donít know, I think thatís everybodyís worry as well, what I was saying before is that everyoneís always kind of concerned about that. I really donít understand why thatís such a concern because actors seem to have that freedom, you know, they can make a film, then in the next six months theyíre making another film, theyíre playing a totally different role and nobody questions it. Weíre so used to musicians doing one thing for the rest of their fucking life. I mean, okay you play the guitar, I fucking get it forty-five years later. You know what I mean? Sometimes I want to see people just try something else for a second, to see what else is going on, what else they can create, and put out there. Itís amazing how much weíll put up with repetition and itís nice to try to shatter that at times for your own self as an artist and to challenge yourself to do something else. I mean I havenít played drums in a band since I was nineteen years old and to get on the stage and play drums again is an incredible challenge. I have to try to sing and play drums at the same time etcetera, etcetera. These are the things that are challenging me. The easy thing would be to go onstage and play all the White Stripes hit songs and call it a day and collect my money and go home and go on vacation. I mean, I almost feel like people almost want to reward you for taking the easier way out instead of the other way around and I think that shouldnít be the case for artists.

So in that reaction against repetition and this might sound weird but the perception of Jack White as a person - whatís been the most liberating aspect of that?

Itís liberating to shatter your own iconic vision of yourself and to people in front of you and to start all over again. I mean I played in a club last night for two hundred people. I mean I was playing in front of 200 people when I was nineteen, you know I donít need to do that. I donít have to do it. I can play in a place of ten thousand people probably, I donít know, I have no idea what goes into that but I just know that I feel like Iím still getting in a van and taking my amp out of the back and playing in front of a few people and that feels extremely good to me. You know if youíre a painter that uses a brush then all of a sudden youíre painting on a computer instead of a canvas; youíre still painting on a canvas. Likewise if you're creating music to share with other human beings it doesnít matter what the arena of it is, you know."

You can read the entire interview HERE.